Why Choose Taiwan?

Each year, more than 30,000 international patients come to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.


2014: The Richest web, Canada, names Taiwan "The Country with the Best Healthcare System"

Taiwan's healthcare system is believed to be the best, surpassing that of Japan, the United Nation, Canada, and other medically-advanced countries.


2014: CNN hails Taiwan's Medical Achievements

CNN says Taiwan's National Health Insurance is one of the 10 things in which Taiwan outdoes other countries.


2012: The New York Times gives a full report on Taiwan's medical advancements

Uwe E. Reinhardt, economics professor at Princeton University, published an article titled "Taiwan's Progress on Health Care" in The New York Times.


2012: National Geographic Channel documents "Taiwan's Medical Miracle"

The first documentary exploring medical services in Taiwan is made by National Geographic Channel. Titled "Taiwan's Medical Miracle," the documentary features international patients from countries such as the United States, Egypt, Dubai, Malaysia, who were successfully cured in Taiwan.



2012: TIME magazine introduces Taiwan's National Health Insurance

2012: CNN accredits Taiwan's National Health Insurance

A news article written by CNN's Fareed Zakaria is published in TIME magazine. In the article, Fareed Zakaria points out that both the health insurance system of Taiwan and that of Switzerland provide high-quality services at an affordable cost; both these countries are role models for the United States.


2005: Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman: "Taiwan's Health Insurance system is the best system on earth."

Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Prize-winning economist, often takes Taiwan's National Health Insurance as an example of excellent healthcare system. He suggests that the United State should carry out similar healthcare systems.


2000: The Economist magazine ranks Taiwan number two

After evaluating the health conditions of 27 leading countries' nationals, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) comes up with "Worldwide Health Rankings" that says Taiwan is second only to Switzerland.