Joseph Tung-Chieh CHANG MD, MHA

Proton therapy

Proton Therapy. Head and Neck Cancer. Nasopharyngeal cancer Radiotherapy, Breast cancer, Hepatoma, GI cancer, Health related Quality of life research, Patient Decision Making Sharing and Coaching


Proton Therapy. Head and Neck Cancer. Nasopharyngeal cancer Radiotherapy, Breast cancer, Hepatoma, GI cancer, Health related Quality of life research, Patient Decision Making Sharing and Coaching


Joseph Tung-Chieh Chang, MD,MHA, is a board-certified radiation oncologist, sub-specializing in head and neck cancer especially for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancers. He is the chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology and Director of Proton and Radiation Therapy Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) at Linkou. The department is the largest in the nation. The proton facility will serve the patients since fall of 2015. The first MRI-simulator in Taiwan starts in Spring of 2016.
Dr. Chang got his MD degree at Taipei Medical College in 1989 and master of health administration in Chang Gung University in 2003. He completed his 4-year residency training at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, got the clinic professor in 2008 and became the chairman of the department in 2014. He and his colleges have dedicated their lives to the research and development of cancer radiation treatments, particularly in the subject of head and neck cance, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, breast cancer, health related quality of life and liver cancer. Up to date, Dr. Chang has successfully treated over 8,000 patients and published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers.  

He does not only an active member of Taiwan and international clinical professional societies but also a member in Psycho-social societies. Dr. Chang does not only emphasize in cancer control but also put his effort in the issue of life quality. He wants his patients live in good life but not only long life.

Successful Cases

More than thousand cases of head and neck cancer (including nasopharyngeal cancer patients). The achievement do not provide the patients with tumor control but better health related quality of life for patients.


1982 - 1989, MD, Medicine, Taipei Medical University. Taipei, Taiwan

1998 - 2002  MHA, Health Care Management, Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Past Experiences

Visiting Scholar in M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Visiting Scholar in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Executive Director for Taoyuan Physician Association

Current Appointments

Professor, Dept. Chief & Director, Department of Radiation Oncology, Proton and Radiation Therapy Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Board Member of Steering Committee for Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

Member of Head and Neck subcommittee of NRG

Executive Director for Taiwan Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology


Research Award of National Science Council

Medical Contributions

The first physician who practice proton therapy for head and neck cancer in Taiwan and South East Asia.

The first tier radiation oncologist who performed intensity modulation radiotherapy and volume modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer

The number of individual papers has exceeded 200. The papers of the first and corresponding authors from 2016 to 2020 are listed below.

*Corresponding author

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