Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou Champions Smart Healthcare Development

It has clinched two wins at the Healthcare Asia Awards.

Established in 1978, multi-specialty Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), Linkou currently stands as the largest and most comprehensive hospital in Taiwan that provides outpatient, emergency, and inpatient admissions to nearly 2.7 million people annually with its nearly 3,500 beds.

The hospital offers comprehensive medical care through its 38 treatment centres, such as Proton and Radiation Therapy Centre, Image-Guided Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Centre, Organ Transplantation Centre, Drug Hypersensitivity Clinical and Research Centre, and Microbiota Therapy Centre.

It has also been the first hospital in Southeast Asia to introduce a proton therapy machine in 2015 and set the standards for proton therapy in the industry. In recent years, it has actively invested in precision medicine and cell therapy to improve cancer treatment outcomes.

Moreover, CGMH, Linkou is actively involved in medical research and technological innovation. To date, 29 faculty members have been ranked amongst the top 2% of scientists by Stanford University and have published a total of 10,949 SCI papers over the past five years. It remains committed to the clinical applications of its R&D results, as evidenced by the 57 national innovation awards it has received so far.

It is also the first institution in Taiwan to be granted medical device permits from the Food and Drug Administration for scaphoid fracture and atrial fibrillation detection software under the name of a medical institution.At the same time, CGMH, Linkou’s establishment of oral cavity cancer international treatment guidelines has enabled them to receive a Symbol of National Quality award.

Improving quality of care through smart hospital initiatives

CGMH, Linkou has been digitising its health records since 2004, fully upgrading its medical record system to an electronic platform. This transformation has significantly improved medical efficiency and paved the way for future innovative initiatives. It became the first healthcare organisation in Taiwan to receive the Smart Hospital certification from the Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation in 2014.

Since 2018, it has also implemented 28 BI and closed-loop management aspects for real-time patient safety monitoring and to allow early intervention. Its AI Core Lab, established in the same year, has also developed nearly 30 projects – with the focus on integrating AI into clinical practices.

Amongst the notable achievements of this lab is the AI Digital Pathology, which enables remote physician review and video consultation. It has developed five AI modules by utilising this, improving cancer cell marking and detection sensitivity.The hospital further solidified its position in the smart healthcare industry by achieving the highest level in the HIMSS EMRAM evaluation. It continues to drive the digitisation of its medical processes, with patients now being able to receive attentive services through AI-smart customer service and the Chang Gung E-Finger App.

CGMH, Linkou’s remarkable performance has been lauded at the Healthcare Asia Awards, with the hospital receiving the Hospital of the Year - Taiwan and the Smart Hospital Initiative of the Year - Taiwan category wins.

The prestigious awards programme recognises exceptional healthcare providers that have redefined the standards of healthcare through their unwavering dedication to innovation, setting of new industry benchmarks, and substantial contributions to their communities.

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